Many families live with food allergies. It can be challenging and sometimes frustrating to navigate everyday living. There are also numerous obstacles and oftentimes an apathy and/or lack of understanding from others.

The Upcoming Program for the world of food allergies will be chock full of information, real-life experiences and feedback/support from others with food allergies. Components of the program will involve one-on-one orientation dealing with the individuals environment and ranging from the home to outside experiences including school, clubs and sports facilities. Additional components will involve group sessions dealing with questions, frustrations and solutions. The group will function as a sounding-board and support, problem-solving forum.

The Programs will be offered from May through to October 2017. There will be individual and group programs available,suited to meet the variety of needs from the allergy population. The most obvious participants will be the parents of children with food allergies (usually Mothers / Moms). Other participants could be fathers, grandparents, caregivers and other relatives. Each Program will consist of 3 Sessions covering the following 5 Key Areas plus the Bonus Session.

The 5 Key Areas covered in the Program are:

1. Living With Food Allergies in the Home;

2. Living with Food Allergies Outside the Home;

3. Living with Food Allergies at School / Work

4. Living with Food Allergies at Sport / Cultural Activities ( music, dance, art courses)

5. Living with Food Allergies in Camp and Group Trip Activities

Bonus One-On-One Session to Focus on Your World and Allergy Challenges

Classes of up to 12 participants will learn important everyday basics, lifestyle essentials, sharing of challenges and remedies and new developments in living with food allergies.

Contact Info: Telephone 514.952.2468 / cminch2@gmail.com
Candice N. Living With Food Allergies Coach