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Warning!! McDonald’s Buns Now Contain Major Allergen – Pea Protein!!

I was shocked to see this as reported by KFA (Kids with Food Allergies) and couldn't believe it!! But McDonald's has made changes to their buns "to improve flavor"!! One of the changes includes adding pea protein to the buns as shown below in the ingredients list. Pea protein is a major allergen endangering those [...]

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Delicious Eggless Crepes!

I can't wait to try this recipe. Crepes without eggs, really? Thanks to Jessica and Living with an Egg Allergy for sharing this great eggless creation! Living with an Egg Allergy Jessica Utley  · 11h  · Definitely recommend eggless crepes! Made some this morning on my blackstone. Some topped with fruit and Nutella other with butter fruit and syrup. [...]

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Allergy and Asian Food Blog

Sue Wong has a blog called Nut Free Wok. It covers many areas including recipes and allergy friendly restaurants in the United States and Canada. Asian food is delicious but can be a challenge for the allergy population! The blog not only helps with making allergy friendly recipes but also with dining out! HOMERECIPESABOUT SHARON [...]

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