New Blood Test Accurately Determines the Threshold Level for Reactions to Peanuts New way to determine level of reaction to peanut has been developed involving a blood test. The new test will allow for the diagnosis and management of peanut allergy. Thanks to Snack Safely for sharing this story. ByNews Wire ~ 3rd Party Press [...]

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Did Peanut Allergy Transfer from Donor to Recipient in Lung Transplant? A lung transplant a few years ago may have transferred a peanut allergy from a donor with a peanut allergy to a recipient with not history of allergy to peanuts. The resultant peanut sensitivity was treated with gradual desensitization for the lung transplant recipient. [...]

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Oral Allergy Syndrome With Summer Fruits Why Some Summer Fruits make your tongue itch, even if you're not allergic. The condition also known as pollen fruit syndrome and involves a sensitivity to the pollen not the fruit. Symptom may include itchiness of the tongue or swelling of the lips and face. Thanks to HUFFPOST for [...]

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EMT Service in Israel Provides Epinephrine in Two Cases Within an Hour!! Essential emergency service provided in Israel for cases of anaphylactic shock and saves lives. The services were provided in 2 separate cases in 2 different cities in Israel by volunteer EMT service providers. Creating a similar system in Canada with EMT services would [...]

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Great Idea for Allergy Awareness and Safety at Veterinarian Office What a proactive idea with a poster to ensure an allergy safe visit for pets and families too!! NNMG Food Allergic Families Forum Becky Kazy Yanos  ·    · Love that our veterinarian has these posted in every room and around the clinic.

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Encouraging News from Sublingual Epinephrine Clinical Trial Thanks to Snack Safely for sharing this news on the latest innovation in epinephrine delivery! Aquestive Reports Positive eResults from Sublingual Epinephrine Clinical Trial ByNews Wire ~ 3rd Party Press Release -2022/06/16 735 Share AQST-109 is the first and only orally delivered epinephrine product candidate in clinical developmentFastest median time [...]

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Key to Food Allergies and Asthma Maye Linked To A Gene

Ground Breaking Discovery of Food Allergies and Asthma and Potential Link to a Specific Gene Discovery of a Gene Defect in a youth with Allergies, Eczema and Asthma opens the door to research into the relationship of this gene defect to the above conditions. Thanks to Snack Safely for sharing this exciting new area of [...]

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Camp Offers Innovative Signage for Allergy Friendly Eating

Great idea for safe allergy friendly eating at a cheer camp in Wisconsin! This signage should be used at restaurants and schools too. How about all public places that offer food and snacks! Thanks to NNMG Food Allergies Forum for sharing this! NNMG Food Allergic Families Forum Kristi Baugous Gedville  · ponSrstoedt8tc8a133t1468m2tthl07ht95761uaf  ·  College Kenosha,wi My daughter just [...]

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Encouraging New Program on Peanut Allergy Remission

A new clinical trial of novel oral immunotherapy for peanut allergies has produced significant Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQL) compared to a placebo group. The results of the trial are included below. Thanks to Snack Safely for sharing this. Prota Therapeutics Achieves 51% Peanut Allergy Remission Rate in Kids with OIT Candidate ByNews Wire ~ [...]

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Foods Cooked in Deep Fryer – Cross Contamination Concerns

Eating out with food allergies includes ordering those foods that don't contain the allergen. A recent anaphylactic reaction occurred with a usual order of french fries at a restaurant for a 7 year old with food allergies. A severe reaction occurred followed by 2 EpiPens! The allergies were for milk and shellfish. However, the french [...]

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