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Keep Daylight Savings All Year!

Daylight savings time is that wonderful time of year when we "spring forward" and get an additional hour of sunlight. We look forward to it, in spite of the adjustment required for out internal clock system. The benefits of daylight savings time are numerous and worthy of reflection: 1. Increased outdoor time; 2. Better vision, [...]

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Medicinal Cannabis

Cannabis has a variety of uses in it's medicinal form to treat illnesses. The ailments range from epilepsy to insomnia. Harvard Health Blog (P. Grinspoon M.D.  Jan. 2018) features the potential, both health and medicinal,  for CBD. Medicinal cannabis, known as CBD (cannabidiol), has very little, if any intoxicating properties. What it can provide many [...]

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Allergy Friendly Vaccines Needed

Picture the current scenario. The classrooms are informed of vaccinations occurring at school for students. The only exceptions could be those who have a doctor's note or allergy to the vaccine. The remaining students will receive the vaccination and the immunity from potentially fatal diseases. What then happens to the food allergy population? Vaccines are [...]

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NIMA – A Device to Identify Peanut Ingredients in Food!

Shireen Yates has developed a portable device that can be used to identify food ingredients, something that people with food allergies need to know for safety's sake! The device, named Nima,  is a food sensor that allows for a test for peanuts in the food you are eating. Testing for gluten, the first sensor developed,  [...]

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WOW- Allergen Friendly Food & Beverage Stations

The latest innovation for the allergy population is Allergen Free  and Healthy Food and Beverage Machines. This offering is so simple and so functional in meeting the need for safe and allergen friendly snacks! One such station, as pictured below, provides a "one stop-shop" for thirst and hunger needs, without the worry of ingredients and [...]

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There are some useful and weather-sensitive sources of information for the allergy population. They can be used, as needed, when food, weather, pollen levels, the latest advisory decisions need to be made yesterday! Here are some of the "there's an allergy app for that" saviors, ready to take on what life has to offer! There [...]

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Victory for Food Allergies: Inclusion over Exclusion

Wanted to share this article from The New York Times (Jan.16/2019) that shows us: Victory for Food Allergies by Inclusion over Exclusion!! There are two young hero's in this story: Mason, who stands up for his rights and Sam, who supports him. Membership denied for a youth with food allergies, based on inconvenience/lack of understanding [...]

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    SmartLabel (TM) Who does not benefit from the ability to get information on the food that we eat? Be it for diet, sensitivity, allergy or simply taste, it can be a challenge or next to impossible to get that information. What if that allergy is in the form of products that are used [...]

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6 Natural Remedies to Not Get Burnt’

Being outdoors with warm weather is so appealing. However, we must be mindful of the rays from the sun and the risks of sunburn and damage to our skin. Many of the everyday lotions for protection contain elements that can be as harmful as the sun itself. Elements like Deet are known to be dangerous [...]

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EpiPen Shortage – Solution Needed ASAP

Several times in 2018, an Epi-Pen shortage has been advised. The one manufacturer in Canada, Pfizer, has cited manufacturing issues as the reason. This all too common shortage is hard to understand, given the steadily increasing need for this essential antidote for serious allergic reaction. What can be done to ensure that an essential EpiPen [...]

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