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‘Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Silk Dairy Style

There are endless chocolate chip recipes - fewer without egg for sure! Silk (dairy milk substitute) has offered a new egg free recipe for cookies using Silk milk! Recipes >  Chocolate Chip Cookies Vegan Dairy-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies 4.7 out of 5 stars, average rating value. Read 9 Reviews. Same page link. 4.7 (9)Write a review [...]

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Tasty White Cake Made With Lemon Seltzer

Success with White Cake Mix using Lemon Selzer as the egg replacement. Letting it cool for an hour before flipping over worked great with no crumbling! Thanks to Living with an Egg Allergy for sharing this egg-free cake. Living with an Egg Allergy Kristany Livasy Fones  ·   ·  Update: It turned out amazing and even held up [...]

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Groundbreaking Discovery of Cell Responsible for Remembering a Food Allergy!!

Monumental discovery of a a cell shown to be responsible for remembering a food allergy is life changing for those with food allergies!! The power of this revelation is immense and the ability to deactivate the allergic reaction and allergies is now in the future!! As one of the co-leads of the research in Department [...]

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Uber Eats introduces a New Allergy Request Feature Making Online Ordering Safer for the Allergy Population!

The features of the exciting and much-needed additional layer of allergy requests will be rolling into effect in May 2024 in the United States and Canada. Global allergy requests will arrive in June 2024! Congratulations to Uber Eats for initiating this innovative and essential component to online ordering for the Allergy Population!! US | 2 hours ago [...]

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Potential for Peanut Exposure Found in Pea Protein Added to Maple Lodge Farms/Zabiha Halal Hot Dogs & Corn Dogs

Food Allergy Canada has posted a warning regarding pea protein now being used in Maple Lodge Farms/Zabiha Halal food products. Pea protein is part of the pea family and can cause an allergic reaction for the those with a peanut allergy. Using pea protein as an ingredient in foods is a concern. Not only does [...]

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Allergy Friendly Cherry Delight Dessert

Thanks to Reffors Easy Recipes for this delicious recipe that can be made and enjoyed with ingredient replacements needed. Pureed silken tofu can be used as the cream cheese replacement for a dairy allergy. Classic Cherry Delight  Serves: 6  Prep Time: 30 mins Rating: 5.0/5   ( 4 voted )  PIN  PRINT Ingredients Crust: 7 tablespoons unsalted butter 1 1/2 cups graham [...]

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Exciting Developments Linking Gut Health to Food Allergies and Potential Prevention

The importance of gut health and it's role in food allergies is examined. Prior research has shown gut bacteria can prevent antigens from entering the bloodstream and bringing reactions. Recent research has highlighted how a specific type of Metabolite can be used to repair the gut lining to help treat food allergies and gastrointestinal diseases. [...]

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Chicken Tikka Masala – Delicious Indian Recipe Allergy Friendly (Top 8 Allergen Free)

Great Indian food recipe featuring Chicken Tikka Masala and Naan Bread. Best of all it is allergy friendly provided by Nicole Brown in Food Free from ALL 8 Allergens + MORE. The recipe is provided below to view and use to your dietary needs! Food Free from ALL Top 8 Allergens + MORE Nicole Brwn  ·   ·  [...]

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Chocolate Pie Super Easy and Allergy Friendly

Great idea for a simple freezer 5 ingredient chocolate pie. Best of all it is allergy friendly and can be altered as needed for allergies. NNMG Food Allergic Families Forum Jessica Dunn  ·   ·  It doesn't have to be fancy. It just has to be safe. My youngest made this today with minimal help and it turned [...]

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Epinephrine Nasal Spray Positive Results For Both Nasal Congested and Non Congested

Study showed effective absorption from NDS1C Nasal Spray for both Nasal Congested and Non Congested adults. Important finding as an alternative to needle based epinephrine methods. Thanks to Snack Safely for sharing this exciting news. Positive Results Reported for Bryn Pharma’s Epinephrine Nasal Spray in Adults with Nasal Congestion ByDave Bloom - 2023/11/17 278 Results [...]

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