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Tips for Allergy Anxiety & Covid-19

Living with food allergies requires planned practices and a regular schedule to ensure safety, predictability and peace of mind. While covid-19 has changed our world, additional challenges have emerged for the allergy group. Those living with food allergies have additional issues during the pandemic, ranging from fear of using hospitals for allergic reactions to shortages [...]

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Peanut Allergy Immune- Boosting Study in Canada

A study at Northwestern University in Toronto has positive results as reported by Global News. The focus is on reducing the reaction to the allergen, in this case, peanuts. A tolerance level is all important in any chance, unintended exposure to peanut for those with the allergy. A reduced reaction would result in a more manageable situation with a no emergency EpiPen [...]

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Epinephrine – Important Facts to Know

Many of us are familiar with the EpiPen. In families with food allergies, the care and instruction of use are integral factors in staying safe. The article presents important information to further aid in the use and care of epinephrine. All About Epinephrine: What It Does in a Reaction, How Long It Lasts, When It [...]

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Allergies to Raw Fruits

H My family and I have a relationship with raw fruits, mostly positive, with a few major exceptions. One of my children has an allergy to kiwi, the kind of reaction that is immediate. The first taste of kiwi was thrown up right away. Another child has a mild reaction to exotic fruits, including mangoes [...]

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Adult Onset Allergies Growing

Allergies in adults were defined as those aged 18 years and over who became allergic to foods. Allergies in this group is growing and there was a doubling of allergies found in 2018 when compared to 2010 study. Of concern in the study was less than 50% of those with allergies had gone to see [...]

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Upcoming Vaccine being Developed for Peanut Allergies

H Allergy Therapeutics Publishes Encouraging New Data for Peanut Allergy Vaccine Candidate By News Wire ~ 3rd Party Press Release -2020/01/29 Positive preclinical data package demonstrates positive safety and efficacy profile reducing systemic and local allergic symptoms in a peanut allergy model Manufacturing scale-up for clinical studies to evaluate allergy vaccination using VLP (virus like particle) technology [...]

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Immunotherapy Testing Underway Using Toothpaste

The following post highlights the latest work underway and the exciting possibilities with safe and effective desensitization procedures for peanut allergies. Intrommune’s Food Allergy Toothpaste Therapy to Advance to Clinical Trials By Dave -2020/01/14 As we’ve covered previously, Intrommune Therapeutics — a New York-based biotechnology company — is developing a family of therapies for food allergy based on [...]

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Gut Bacteria & Allergies Link

DISCOVERIES Stories and news from Boston Children's Here is some exciting research taking place at Boston Children's. The relationship between good gut bacteria and a healthy immune system is being studied. The absence of the good gut bacteria and links to food allergies is central. Human studies are currently underway using adult participants who have [...]

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Keep Daylight Savings All Year!

Daylight savings time is that wonderful time of year when we "spring forward" and get an additional hour of sunlight. We look forward to it, in spite of the adjustment required for out internal clock system. The benefits of daylight savings time are numerous and worthy of reflection: 1. Increased outdoor time; 2. Better vision, [...]

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Medicinal Cannabis

Cannabis has a variety of uses in it's medicinal form to treat illnesses. The ailments range from epilepsy to insomnia. Harvard Health Blog (P. Grinspoon M.D.  Jan. 2018) features the potential, both health and medicinal,  for CBD. Medicinal cannabis, known as CBD (cannabidiol), has very little, if any intoxicating properties. What it can provide many [...]

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