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It is May and spring sneezin', oops season, is in full force!! There are buds shooting up everywhere and allergens are in the air. We can smell it, feel it and even wear it on our spring clothing. Now is the time to take on spring allergies and keep the allergens at bay! Here are [...]


  UPCOMING PROGRAMS OFFERED MAY THROUGH OCTOBER 2017 Many families live with food allergies. It can be challenging and sometimes frustrating to navigate everyday living. There are also numerous obstacles and oftentimes an apathy and/or lack of understanding from others. The Upcoming Program for the world of food allergies will be chock full of information, [...]

Back to Classes – Five “Must-Haves” for Food Allergy Group!

With summer still upon us, Canadians are enjoying the heat and relaxation of the holidays. Hard to believe that classes will be getting underway soon! As thoughts of September are coming up, (not too soon now) some essential preparation is in order to make a smooth and successful return to the books! Here are 5 [...]

Awareness – Eating Out With Severe Food Allergies

The biggest challenge for families with severe food allergies is going to a restaurant or trying food samples at a grocery store or event. As the parent of one of those children, our family knows all too well about being not being asked if there is a food allergy, let alone if the restaurant can [...]

Top 10 Tips – Natural Remedies for Spring Allergies

                             Red itchy eyes, runny nose, coughing and sneezing......Is this  happening to you and/or your loved ones? Allergies do not just show up with foods and the onset of Spring  will bring airborne allergens called Spring Allergies.We are now enjoying our (later [...]

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The WHY of Food Allergies

The WHY of Food Allergies has a very real and personal component to it in the midst of the scientific definition of the sudden & extreme reaction of the food allergy: The WHY as a parent and protector is shock, disbelief and needing an answer. As parents, we introduce foods to our children slowly and [...]

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