I was shocked to see this as reported by KFA (Kids with Food Allergies) and

couldn’t believe it!!

But McDonald’s has made changes to their buns “to improve flavor”!! One

of the changes includes adding pea protein to the buns as shown below in

the ingredients list.

Pea protein is a major allergen endangering those with peanut allergies!!

Major customers are children who may have food allergies! It is extremely

dangerous to those who drive through to order and even those who do not

see the warning inside the restaurant if any!!

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POSTProduct Change Alert: Pea Protein in McDonald’s Buns

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McDonald’s announced that they are improving their burgers. This means that they changed the ingredients and cooking processes. Here’s what we know:

  • McDonald’s bun products now contain pea protein. This change affects all burger, chicken, and fish sandwich products. Pea protein remains an ingredient for their chicken nugget products.

Ingredient list of McDonald's hamburger bun with the following words underlined: Vegetable Proteins (Pea, Potato, Rice And/Or Faba Bean)

Ingredient list for McDonald’s bun

  • They are also changing the burger cooking process to add white onion to the patties while they are still on the grill. This may increase the chance of cross-contact with onion for anything made on the burger grill.

The company ingredient information is updated on the company’s website. Because pea protein is not a top allergen, there is no warning of the ingredient change on their website or mobile app.