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Birch Trees & Food Allergies Oral Allergy Syndrome

Sensitivity to Birch Trees is one thing, but to say this may bring food allergies is a whole new area to investigate!! Tree pollen sensitivity can extend to food allergies with raw fruit and vegetables. This mild form of food allergy is known as Oral Allergy Syndrome. It can cause sneezing, sensitivity and tingling in [...]

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Adult Food Allergies

The start of food allergies in adulthood is not common and is surprising given the prevalence of allergies emerging in childhood. A large survey (Food Allergy and Education FARE) of 40,0000. adults in 2015-2016 found that 1 out of 10 adults has a food allergy. Half of these allergies began in adulthood. The most common [...]

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Only One Third of U.S. Pediatricians Follow U.S. Guidelines for Peanut Allergies from 2017

In order to put peanut allergies into perspective and importance, peanuts allergies are the most common food allergy (2.2 % of U.S. children) and the least frequently outgrown. A recent study of physician practices with peanut food allergy patients found that only 1/3 of pediatricians were implementing the 2017 U.S. Guidelines for Peanut Allergies. The [...]

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Epinephrine – Key Facts

The use of Epinephrine is a reality and the go-to response to an allergic reaction. The following post gives key information on when, how and how often to administer. The importance of having 2 Epinephrine injectors is key and will prevent an allergic reaction from taking over after the first injection. A All About Epinephrine: [...]

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Covid-19 : Allergies & Asthma

Back to school is a busy time for all students. With allergies and asthma there is a system in place. However, adding Covid-19 to the equation brings a whole new set of challenges. These new considerations include hand sanitizers, staying in the classroom for lunch and chemicals in the cleaning fluids. Flexibility is advocated to [...]

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