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Gut Antibodies & Food Allergy

The article below provides a fascinating look at the importance of healthy antibodies in the gut and the possible relationship with food allergies, illnesses and Covid-19. Exciting work is underway and discussed below. Antibodies in the gut: Roles in autoimmune disease, food allergy… and COVID-19? Posted on May 12, 2020 by Alice McCarthy | Basic/Translational, ResearchTags: autoimmune disease, cellular and molecular medicine, coronavirus, immunology Lining [...]

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Anxiety for Youth & Allergies

Being a child with food allergies carries with it an ever present awareness of the potential reaction that comes with exposure to the reactive food. When the potential reaction is anaphylactic, the stress moves up and can be restrictive to everyday life. Therapy offered to kids is helping to move beyond fear and into confidence. [...]

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ALLERJECT Compact Epi-Pen) in Canada Now!

Exciting news in the world of food allergies, including Canada, with the availability of a compact device for anaphylactic reactions! The unit is the size of a cell phone, slightly wider but not much longer. This is big news, allowing for easy transport in backpacks, purses and pockets on clothing! The device also has an [...]

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Plant- Based Eggs are Coming to Canadian Grocery Stores

Plant-based eggs are coming to Canada. The mung bean is used to make the egg replacement with tumeric providing the yellow color. Egg substitutes have been made via baking powder, yogurt and apple sauce as a mere additive to a recipe. The new egg will have a composition like a scrambled egg. There will also [...]

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3 Healthy, Allergy Friendly Recipes for Summer

Nick Polozzi's blog offers three delicious and healthy recipes to keep us nourished. Each of these recipes can be made allergy friendly by simple and safe replacements. I like to replace nuts with raisons, currents and seeds. Dairy substitutes of coconut or almond milk are offered, while soya milk is another choice. As the summer [...]

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Reminder To Take Epi-Pen Before Hospital to Reduce Hospitalization Length

Anaphylaxis is a serious reaction caused by a food allergy. Prompt and immediate action is required. Most of these reactions will have an immediate use of an Epi-Pen, followed by a visit to the emergency room at the hospital to stabilize and end the extreme life-threatening reaction. A study from 2014 shows the importance of [...]

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2 Essential Oils Helping With Sleep & Stress

The importance of a good sleep and calming your body are all-important and essential for our health and well being. Two essential oils have been shown to aid in accomplishing the above. Lavender Oil and Bergamot Oil are shown to provide restfulness leading to better sleep and less stress, as identified by Nick Polizzi in [...]

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Stronger Immune System & Peanut Allergies Study

A recent 2 year study in the Unites States is showing promising results. The study groups with a peanut allergy were taking varying amounts of a pill named Palforzia, a pill designed to strengthen the immune system. Results showed the group with a daily dose of Palforzia had the best results with the strongest immune [...]

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QST-108: Exciting New Under the Tongue Epinephrine Testing Underway!

The traditional EpiPen, has competition. There are several new methods being tested, but QST-108 takes it to a whole new level of compact, effective & immediate result. It is the size of a marshmallow and dissolves under the tongue! Trials are expected to be completed by years end. With the necessary testing and development have [...]

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