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Updated Snack Guide from Snack Safely!

Thanks to Snack Safely for providing an updated snack guide for the food allergy population. The new guide below will provide snack ideas to make delicious and safe choices for those with food allergies. The new items are featured in this post. The guide can be found at Enjoy your safe snacks! HomeSafe Snack [...]

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Allergy Friendly Danish Butter Cookies – Yum!

The classic Danish Butter Cookie recipe, provided by Cookist, is so simple and delicious! Who hasn't tried and loved these cookies!! Well, now you can make them - allergy friendly too! Danish Cookies: the recipe for the famous crumbly and delicious butter cookies EASY1HFOR 8 PEOPLEDESSERTSRECIPESby Cookist INGREDIENTS 00 TYPE FLOUR 300 gramsBUTTER 200 grams • 717 kcalSUGAR 100 grams • [...]

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Innovative work being done on reducing allergic reaction and anaphylaxis!

Research is underway at McMaster University to use an antibody (being treated for asthma) in food allergies. The study is showing promising results with no anaphylaxis in the mice sensitized to peanut study group. The research is essential in the reduction of allergic response and anaphylaxis as a treatment for food allergies. Antibody May Provide [...]

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Multiple Food Allergies Study Begins Phase 1/2 For De-Sensitization

A new study from Alladapt Immunotherapeutics is underway. Oral immunotherapy will be used on children and adults with one or multiple allergies using a set of the most commonly allergen foods. Twenty areas in the United States will be involved in the "Harmony Study". Broad Spectrum OIT Candidate for Multiple Food Allergies Begins Phase 1/2 [...]

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Milk takes over from Peanuts as Lead Cause of Fatal Anaphylaxis in Children!

A national study conducted in Britain from 1998-2018 reveals that cow's milk has taken over from peanuts as the leading cause of fatal anaphylaxis in children. The increase has been steady and increasing over that 20 year period. There are many questions here in Canada and the U/S., not the least of which is whether [...]

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Blueberry Cookies, Really! Unique, Delicious & Allergy Friendly!!

Well, it's a first in the world of cookies and these are allergy friendly, vegan, helathy & tasty too!! Thanks to Justine Snacks for this amazing treat! If needed, white chocolate chips can be replaced with raisins or seeds. Can't wait to make blue cookies - fun for the kids too! Blue(berry) Cookies | Vegan [...]

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Ditch the Eggs and Make a French Silk Chocolate Pie!!

This chocolate Pie looks soooh good I am putting out a challenge to see the best egg substitute. I will be trying the apple sauce replacement. I will post a photo this week with the results. How about you? Send in your French Silk Chocolate Pie!! Many thanks to American Heritage Kitchen for posting the [...]

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Rice Krispie Cake – Sponge Bob Style!!

Here is a great allergy friendly rice krispie cake made by Ceci Lia and posted in Living with an Egg Allergy!! Rice Krispie Cakes were a family favorite with my kids and met our egg free needs just fine! The "Sponge Bob" theme along with colors is a great creation!!

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Spokin Bakery ap for Allergies!!

What a great ap for the allergy community. Baked goods and donuts are a challenge to find allergy friendly goodies! GET THE APPVERIFIED BRANDSFEATURED CONTENT🏆 TOP RATED🍪 PRODUCT GUIDES👩🏻‍💻 MEET THE MAKER✈️ TRAVEL🍽 RECIPES🎉 HOLIDAYS💡 WISDOM📝 NEWLY DIAGNOSED📖 RESOURCESABOUT THE APP Introducing Verified Bakeries! Creating an easier way to find allergy-friendly bakeries is the sweetest [...]

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Sesame Set to Become Classified as a Major Allergen in the U.S. April 2021

Sesame will soon become the 9th major allergen in the U.S. after receiving approval from the Senate and House of Representatives. In a huge win for the food allergy community, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the FASTER Act on April 14. The highlight of this bill is that it will make sesame the ninth [...]

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