A new study from Alladapt Immunotherapeutics is underway. Oral

immunotherapy will be used on children and adults with one or multiple

allergies using a set of the most commonly allergen foods. Twenty areas in

the United States will be involved in the “Harmony Study”.

Broad Spectrum OIT Candidate for Multiple Food Allergies Begins Phase 1/2 Clinical Trials

By Dave Bloom, Snack Safely

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Clinical Trial

Alladapt Immunotherapeutics, a biopharma company developing immunotherapies to treat food allergies, announced they have begun phase 1/2 clinical trials of their ADP101 oral immunotherapy (OIT) candidate.

Entitled the “Harmony Study”, participants received the first doses in a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial evaluating the efficacy and safety of ADP101 for OIT in children and adults diagnosed with allergy to a single or multiple foods from a set of the most commonly allergenic foods. The Harmony Study plans to enroll patients across 20 sites in the United States.

Unlike monotherapies that are meant to address allergy to a single food, ADP101 is intended to desensitize patients to allergens from nine food groups simultaneously.Click to visit sponsor 

Said Kari Nadeau, MD, PhD, scientific inventor of ADP101 and co-founder of Alladapt:

We need FDA-approved medicines that can address food allergy and help desensitize as many patients as possible. Food allergy is associated with a remarkably diverse set of foods, and patients are increasingly multi-allergic. For these reasons, I am excited that ADP101, a standardized, multi-allergen, oral immunotherapeutic agent, is now being evaluated in patients through the FDA-regulated clinical trials process.

Said Daniel H Petroni, MD, PhD, Executive Director of the Seattle Allergy & Asthma Research Institute and Director of the Northwest Food Allergy Treatment & Research Center:

Food allergy is a serious, unpredictable, widespread disease that not only causes severe reactions but also places disabling and chronic limitations on the lives of patients and their families. As one of the first clinical sites enrolling patients in the Harmony Study, we are delighted to participate in a study designed to assess the efficacy and safety of an intervention with the potential to broadly treat the most common causes of food allergy.

Source: Alladapt Commences Phase 1/2 Clinical Trial in Food Allergy — Alladapt Press Release