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Allergens Added by Food Companies!

News of allergen traces being added to foods is confusing and potentially dangerous! For those who have had these foods prior to the new additives, the danger lies in little likelihood of reading the ingredients label. The food product discussed is a chocolate mint bar with an ingredient label indicating the presence of new peanut, [...]

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Tessa is a Hero in Life and Beyond!

Tessa's story is a teachable one that takes us from tragedy to inspiration! Her journey shows us a hero in her short life and a hero after with Tessa's giving life to others in need! H Mom, Who Turned 11-Year-Old Tessa‚Äôs Death from Anaphylaxis into Life for Six Others, Hears from Donor Recipients By Dave Bloom -2020/06/16 [...]

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Keeping Bugs Away Naturally

Using chemicals and toxic sprays to ward off bugs in never an ideal solution. When natural substances are available, protection from bugs can be safer for all of us, especially infants, young children and the allergy population. The essential oils described by "hello glow" are worthy of a try, after safety and potential reactions have [...]

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Update on Zeneo: Needle-Free Injector

Innovative work is underway to deliver a needle-free epinephrine device. Zeneo is the device that can deliver the "unjection" as a nasal spray while another device placed on the hip will deliver the epinephrine injection without a needle. Crossject, the company developing Zeneo is continuing development and making it allergenic free. H Update: Zeneo, the [...]

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Pill Could Replace EpiPen

The world of food allergies carries with it the necessity to have life-saving tool close by should it be needed. That tool is the EpiPen. It is awkward to transport and to use. It is even a tool that some are afraid to use, not be!ng sure how to use it properly! An upcoming pill [...]

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Allergy Service Dog – Hero!

H Allergy Service Dog - Hero! I came upon this story from Snack Safely and was amazed at the services provided by a service dog, trained in allergy detection and safety. This trained dog can literally sniff-out allergens and an epipen in the vicinity of his owner with food allergies. What a hero is this [...]

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