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Chocolate Avocado Pudding!

This pudding looks delicious!! Thanks to Catherine Sweezy, NNMG Food Allergic Families Forum. Made this kid friendly Avocado chocolate pudding today with my granddaughter. A bit messy to make but thought it was a good way to hide nut butters for challenges and good way to get some calcium and avocado into kids. It tastes [...]

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Cinnamon Buns – ENDless Bakery

Delicious allergy friendly cinnamon bun recipe to enjoy!! The Original ENDless Bakery Cinnamon Roll Recipe by Michelle Elijah January 26, 2021 This delicious dairy free, egg free, nut free, soy free cinnamon roll is what got us started with ENDless Bakery. The Original ENDless Bakery Cinnamon Roll An original recipe by Michelle and Malia Elijah  Makes [...]

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Allergy Friendly Cake Mix Donuts With Icing!!

Just a few ingredients needed from Its always autumn with egg and milk replacements added to make it allergy friendly. SIMPLE MINI DONUT MAKER RECIPE Ok, ready to make cake mix donuts? All you do is mix: one dry cake mix1 egg - replacement with apple sauce1/4 cup of vegetable oil1 cup of water Whisk [...]

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Feedback on Pfizer & Moderna Vaccines from Allergy Population 2021

There have been several minor reactions reported in Europe for the allergy population and the Covid-19 Vaccine. Here in North America, Vaccines are now being administered and the following provides some feedback on getting the Vaccine from the allergy population. Moe Sab asked a question in Living with an Egg Allergy. 8tSponhaslonredn  · Has anyone gotten the covid vaccine? Any [...]

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Allergy Friendly Valentine’s Day Treats 2021

Many thanks to Snack Safely for their guide to safe and delicious Valentine's Day treats. It is now only weeks away and the local stores are getting stocked up with chocolates and candy! HomeAllergence  2021 Valentine's Safe Snack Guide in Peanut/Tree Nut, Milk, Sesame, and Gluten...AllergenceManufacturer PartnershipSafe Snack Guide 2021 Valentine’s Safe Snack Guide in Peanut/Tree [...]

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Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine & Allergies Feedback

Initial feedback from the allergy population is showing good results. Any reactions to the vaccine have been rare and not serious. Stefanie CassanoPeanut and Tree nut Allergy Moms 2tSphonussolrted  · I got my first one and everything was totally fine, Second one this Tuesday. Good news!!! More HEALTHCARE & PHARMAJANUARY 22, 20212:25 PMUPDATED 7 HOURS AGO Severe [...]

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Essential Oils and Allergies

There are some questions and concern about essential oils and the possibility of airborne allergic reaction. The following discussion raises these issues. Alexis Wilcox asked a question in NNMG Food Allergic Families Forum. ahitfJgaecnuufcSparyn ornlis20nuo saireut 2fs:2o0 PMd  · Contact anaphylactic allergies and elementary school, how does that work? Experiences and tips? I’m so thankful her preschool made her room free of all allergens [...]

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Food Sensitivities Link?

Potential links between food poisoning, I.B.S. and food sensitivities are being examined to determine cause and effect. Fascinating in that people who have this condition are often told that it is may be in their head... with no explanations available. New research in Belgium is showing some initial light into a cause and effect link. [...]

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Update on Potential Allergic Reactions to Covid-19 for Allergy Population

With the Covid-19 Vaccine being administered in Canada and the United States, there have been several cases of anaphylactic reactions to the Vaccine. Good news that the reactions have been handled safely with proper medical attention. What is important to know if that there are no food products in either the Pfizer or Moderna Vaccine, [...]

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Dining Out With Food Allergies Study!

Study shows that more education is needed for restaurants by way of ingredient listings and staff education. Study: Food Allergy Reactions in Restaurants are Common and Can be Severe ByDave Bloom -2020/12/23 340 Share In a study recentlypublished in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice, researchers sought to characterize allergic reactions that occur in restaurants to [...]

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