There have been several minor reactions reported in Europe for the allergy

population and the Covid-19 Vaccine. Here in North America, Vaccines are

now being administered and the following provides some feedback on

getting the Vaccine from the allergy population.

Moe Sab asked a question in Living with an Egg Allergy.

8tSponhaslonredn  · Has anyone gotten the covid vaccine? Any issues with being allergic to eggs? I’m also shellfish allergic, if anyone has any input on that as well?


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  • Laura LawlessI had one flu shot that was awful I guess you never know how much egg protein is in a shot until you get one.
  • Katie Flynn FrederickMy nephew is a pharmacist and has done extensive research on this for me and he has confirmed neither one on the market right now has egg protein in it at all.
  • Linda Price SchneiderJust got it yesterday…egg allergy since I was a child…now 68. I was told food allergies are ok. I was ok, I have numerous reactions to antibiotics too, and seasonal…arm is quite sore…and a little ….well….my get up and go, got up and went…… See More
  • Lynn Wong…/vac…/safety/allergic-reaction.html. “If you have allergies not related to vaccines: CDC recommends that people with a history of severe allergic reactions not related to vaccines or injectable medications—s… See MoreCOVID-19 and Your HealthCDC.GOVCOVID-19 and Your HealthCOVID-19 and Your Health
  • Sandra McGuire RowellI had my first 1 no problem I’m allergic to egg. I had the egg free flu jab recently
  • Caryn WebbI had my first shot on the 13th with no problem at all. I don’t eat shellfish because of the salt but I am allergic to eggs and penicillin. No one at the facility had had an allergic reaction to date. I had the Moderna vaccine.
  • Tina Mazzocchetti WojnarMy doc said main allergen of concern is PEG substance in Miramax. Said no egg or latex concerns
  • T.j. Amber GabelmanI got it. Nothing on first shot. Beside egg allergy I also have a severe beef allergy. I have heard second shot create more reactions so I’m nervous about that.
  • Laura HudsonThey’ve said food allergies aren’t an issue with it
  • Jenn JohnsonI successfully had my first dose of Moderna this week and I’m anaphylactic to egg (also reacted to the egg-based flu shot years ago) and the whole allium family.
  • Christy RiggsI’m allergic to eggs. Both doses of Pfizer with no issues!

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