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Wow – Drones to Deliver Epinephrine in Future?!!

The idea of using a drone to deliver epinephrine sounds far-tetched and impossible! Yet drones are already being used to deliver AEDs with Sweden testing the use of drones delivering defibrillators faster than an ambulance arrival . The response time is even greater for those who live far from a hospital and related ambulance! Study: [...]

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Hero Rescue with EpiPen at Last Minute Averts Tragedy

Hero Dad and Son Avert A Tragedy in Mall Food Court With EpiPen Rescue!! Wonderful Story!! Quick action from a dad and his son stepped in to save an anaphylactic reaction in a young boy at a food court! The dad administered the EpiPen saving the life of the child. It is a wonderful story [...]

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New Snack Free of 8 Allergens called “Without A Trace” !

Here is a new snack 'Without a Trace' free of 8 allergens! Thanks to NNMG Food Allergic Families for sharing this!

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Important Message for Schools for Food Allergy Safety

Schools will be starting up within the next two weeks and the following message emphasizes the importance of ensuring parental approval prior to giving any food to children with food allergies. Thanks to Snack Safely for providing the message and NNMG Food Allergic Families Forum for sharing it. NNMG Food Allergic Families Forum Dave Bloom  · cutt2Sponsorhed  · With [...]

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Wow! Great New Snack for the Allergy Population

This amazing allergy friendly snack is available now and can be ordered on Amazon or maybe even a local food/health food store!! Perfect to bring as a snack to school and everywhere else too! Many thanks to Living With an Egg Allergy for sharing this!

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Power of Allergy Card Given to Ordering Customers for Food Safety & Allergy Clients

How would you feel about a restaurant that provides an allergy card to customers with food allergies? Apart from being shocked, the relief can't be measured when compared to the dreaded "I don't know response" for potential allergens in a menu item. The importance of sharing food allergy information when ordering food at a restaurant [...]

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Taking On Youth Food Allergy Anxiety & Fears

Anxiety and fears can be a part of the life of youth with food allergies. While having food at home can provide a safe haven, the outside experience can bring uncertainty and hesitation. There is a program Allergy Bravery Clinic in Children's Hospital in Philadelphia that provides support and provides skills for navigating outside food [...]

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Video With Food Allergy Facts Available For Parents & Caregivers

The Video from University of Michigan Food Allergy Center is a great idea and resource for families and caregivers. Back to school is fast approaching and access to this video will assist many parents and caregiver of children with food allergies! “Food Allergy Explained: Basics, Back to School & Beyond”, a New Video from the [...]

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EpiPen Access Available in Colleges and University

A much needed "second line of defense" for EpiPen access will be available at Colleges and University in Viginia. The allergy population will now have another source for the EpiPen when needed. Governor Signs Bill Allowing Epinephrine Auto-Injector Access in State Colleges and University ByDave Bloom -2021/08/12 181 Share Anaphylaxis is a serious, life-threatening reaction to a food [...]

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Close Call & Happy Ending With No EpiPen at Hand!

The following story underlines the importance of having your EpiPen nearby. A severe allergic reaction was saved by a helpful friend and driver who helped take the duo to the vehicle miles away for the Epipen and then hospital for treatment! Thanks to Snack Safely for sharing this near tragic story that has a happy [...]

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