How would you feel about a restaurant that provides an allergy card to

customers with food allergies? Apart from being shocked, the relief can’t be

measured when compared to the dreaded “I don’t know response” for

potential allergens in a menu item.

The importance of sharing food allergy information when ordering food at

a restaurant can’t be understated! Restaurants have a responsibility to

ensure full information on the ingredients in food they are serving. If they

don’t have that information, then the food they are offering can be a risk to

the allergic customers they are serving. In fact it becomes a danger to

those with food allergies and discourages ordering….

With the allergy card the restaurant takes responsibility to get allergy

information from customers and then advise them if the food they want to

order contains any of their identified allergens.

The allergy card below is given to customers when ordering at a restaurant.

The restaurant providing this card is P.F. Chang’s. Thank to NNMG Food

Allergic Families Forum for sharing this important information. The eating

experience could be improved and ultimately safer if more restaurants

followed the same protocol!

May be an image of text that says '7:00 Search Allergy Selection Allergy Select up to Optional Milk Allergy Fish Allergy Tree Nut Allergy Peanut Allergy Sulfite Allergy Sesame Allergy Mushroom Allergy Save'