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Pea Protein – Showing Up in Many Foods Including Allergy Friendly

The emergence of pea protein is cause for extra diligence in reading labels for those with food allergies. Regular foods, especially frozen foods have seen pea protein used. The following product, an allergy friendly brand is also using pea protein as an ingredient - imagine the surprise and the need to read food labels on [...]

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2022 and More Education Needed for Food Allergy Awareness and Safety Measures

Despite the emergence of food allergies over the last three decades, we continue to have dangerous and even fatal reactions that could have been prevented with appropriate knowledge and actions. A lack of public knowledge and appropriate actions was evident on a the recent British Airways flight. Here a passenger informed staff of his nut [...]

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Pea Protein and Plant-Based Foods and Food Allergies: Questions and Answers

Important information from Food Allergy Canada on presence of pea protein and plant-based foods and the impact on food allergies.   Ask the allergist: Your questions answered – March 2020 March 5, 2020 Ask the allergist is a regular feature in our newsletters where Dr. Julia Upton answers your questions! Dr. Julia Upton Dr. Julia [...]

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Great News With Increased Federal Funding for Food Allergy Research

Important boost for food allergy research with an additional $3 million federal funding provided. The increased funding will also be used for food allergy school-based initiatives. This Year’s Federal Budget Increases Spending For Food Allergy Research and School Safety Efforts ByDave Bloom -2022/04/07 56 Share This year’s federal budget passed by Congress and signed by President Biden [...]

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Plant Compound Potential to Alleviate Food Allergy Reactions

Research at New York Medical College has discovered a plant compound called formononetin with the potential to reduce the IgE allergic response. The compound is found in foods and herbs including red clover and green beans. Future potential could see formononetin to reduce allergic reactions and anaphylaxis. Thanks to Snack Safely for sharing this information. [...]

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>Epinephrine Auto-Injectors in Restaurants: Mission in Long Island NY To Make It Happen! Why not Everywhere!!

What an inspirational idea to have epinephrine auto-injectors available in restaurants in Long Island, New York. Casey Dubofsky and living with food allergies is the major force behind this great initiative! Let's hope this continues leading to all restaurants with epinephrine available. Thanks to Snack Safely for sharing this story. HS Sophomore Launches Non-Profit to [...]

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