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Elijah’s Law Saving Lives for Allergy Population

Elijah's Law provides guidelines and protocols designed to protect children in early education programs. With the Elijah's law having passed in a number of states, starting with New York, the law has already helped to save children having allergic reactions to food, Elijah’s Legacy of Saving Lives Continues: Namesake Law Introduced in Pennsylvania ByDave Bloom [...]

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Donuts – Egg Free and Sprinkled

Any dessert treat that is prepared without the egg allergen is welcomed!! SEPTEMBER 2, 2016 EGG-FREE VANILLA SPRINKLE DONUTS Donuts are one of my most favorite foods!  I think if I had to pick one food to eat for the rest of my life – it would be sprinkle donuts!!  Healthy…I know!  So when I [...]

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Kraft Peanut Butter Provides Corporate Leadership Goal To Reduce High EpiPen Cost!

The ad is powerful - it shows a jar of peanut butter and the EpiPen($120). The goal of the campaign is to reduce the cost of the EpiPen to the cost of peanut butter that is on average $5 per jar! It is a great initiative and a fund will be created for that purpose. [...]

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Allergy-Friendly Holiday Products Guide 2021

Informative guide to help navigate the holiday offerings allergy friendly wise. The guide is broken down into a number of the major allergy groups. The groups range from peanut/nut free to dairy free! Allergy-Friendly Holiday Products Specific to Your Dietary Restrictions! ByDave Bloom -2021/11/30 391 Share Spin the dreidel! Deck the halls! Light the kinara! The holidays [...]

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Allergies and Mental Health Challenges – Assistance Options

Food allergies and mental health challenges create a challenge to ensure food safety. There are ways to take care of situations especially when a parent or caregiver is not present. The story below and response illustrates how easily it can happen and also how safety can be protected. NNMG Food Allergic Families Forum Trisha Kay [...]

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Baking Powder Created to Replace Food Allergens 1843!

Amazing story of baking powder being created to replace a woman's allergy to eggs and yeast for making bread! This allergy innovation occurred in 1843!! Many thanks with baking powder still being a major player in the baking world for food allergies!! As an allergy mom myself, I have relied on baking powder for cakes, [...]

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Study Shows Strong Peanut OIT Results with Young to Older Children

OIT involves an upscaling of doses of peanut overseen by doctors with a gradual desensitization in reaction to the allergen (peanut). The study showed encouraging results with the peanut desensitization. Thanks to Snack Safely for sharing the study results. Study: Large Majority of Children on Peanut OIT Achieve Maintenance Dose Including Older Kids ByDave Bloom [...]

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Important Lesson: Perfect Response to Anaphylaxis Leads to a Successful Outcome

Her anaphylactic reaction to food was handled "textbook perfect". The story unfolded with an EpiPen and direct attendance at the hospital. The outcome was successful and Delly wanted her story to be told right down to her attendance at the hospital, stabilization and release.  Our best wishes to Delly for a speedy and complete [...]

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Anaphylaxis, Apple Watch and Airplane – Successful Ending!

A frightening story about a woman experiencing an anaphylactic reaction on an airplane flight on Oct. 28 has a successful ending! To the rescue was a physician on the flight who responded with his apple watch, an EpiPen and monitoring until the diverted flight was met by an ambulance and further assistance. What an inspiring [...]

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Allergy Caution at Gym Entrance

NNMG Food Allergic Families Forum got a great photo and story from a member whose child's high school had this allergy aware posted at the entrance of the gym. At the entrance to the gym at my daughter’s high school.

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