The ad is powerful – it shows a jar of peanut butter and the EpiPen($120).

The goal of the campaign is to reduce the cost of the EpiPen to the cost of

peanut butter that is on average $5 per jar! It is a great initiative and a fund

will be created for that purpose.

Now if only peanut butter could be modified ingredient structure-wise to be


Peanut Allergy and Anaphylaxis Awareness

Rebecca Morton-Segal  · Dm3e46c3eom10bern0 778s 1ator 8g:a92e6tm PM  · This is amazing ❤️ thank you to Kraft PB for caring!

KRAFT Peanut Butter 

Novemb4el3aShr 2on30u atsgo 2r7l9a9:e30t A9M  · Introducing Protection for Peanuts, a fund created by Kraft Peanut Butter to help offset the cost Canadians pay out of pocket for an epinephrine pen. Because we believe life-saving medication should cost peanuts. See how we’re making it happen at