Shireen Yates has developed a portable device that can be used to identify food ingredients, something that people with food allergies need to know for safety’s sake! The device, named Nima,  is a food sensor that allows for a test for peanuts in the food you are eating. Testing for gluten, the first sensor developed,  is also possible with the Nima sensor.

The Nima device is portable and is shaped like a triangle, with the black capsule fitting inside for testing.

nima gluten sensor canada Nima can be purchased in Canada on
Using the triangular-shaped Nima sensor device is easy.   The device is used with circular cylinder-shaped food testing capsules. These capsules are powerful and “contain the power of an entire chemistry lab”, according to Shireen Yates. All that is needed is a pea-sized sample of food placed in the capsule and then placed in the Nima sensor.  After a few minutes, a peanut-free sample will show a smiley face, while peanut detection will show a peanut icon.
Nima is now available in Canada, with a Toronto home base for orders. It is now in Canada, based on a surge of interest in getting the Nima device and testing capsules.

A Nima app is available and will show restaurant and packaged food feedback for peanut- free food. You can set up your Nima Sensor results to the app for your record and send those reports to the Nima app community. will bring you to the site for ordering in Canada.