The latest innovation for the allergy population is Allergen Free  and Healthy Food and Beverage Machines. This offering is so simple and so functional in meeting the need for safe and allergen friendly snacks! One such station, as pictured below, provides a “one stop-shop” for thirst and hunger needs, without the worry of ingredients and surprises.  Healthy Foods will offer smoothies, fresh fruit and seeds. Allergen Free (2bUtm) will provide snacks and food that are egg, peanut, nut, shellfish and dairy free.

Allergen Free and Healthy Food Vending Machines are located at a variety of public and educational places in a number of locations in the United States, including California, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire. The utility of these units is immense and can be used at public institutions from museums, recreational centers to  public transportation. Schools are another important place for safe allergen free snacks.


As a parent in a family with food allergies, the need for safe snack foods can not be underestimated. Misunderstandings, miscommunications and plain forgetfulness can all lead to a situation where what is available is off limits! Even worse is when everyone else is enjoying food that is on that “do not touch list”.

An allergen free machine is so necessary when hunger hits and a true savior when a treat is craved. Finding ourselves in such situations, on more than one occasion, I can relate to the quick action and reassurance to turn an awkward situation into one resolved in favor of the child with an allergy.

Canada is adding getting into safer snacking for all, moving into gyms, schools and hospitals. More are needed as a healthy way to get nourishment that is safe for all and good for us too!