Food packaging on groceries these days has allergy alerts on numerous

items and not even frozen broccoli, in this case the Walmart brand, is

exempt! The following story shared by an allergy mom shows the surprise

and necessity to be safe while trying to understand how this is even placed

on products totally unrelated to the allergens. Legal protection against any

cross-contamination is thought to influence these precautions. National

safety standards in food production can ensure foods that are available for


Dianna CampanellaNNMG Food Allergic Families Forum March 10,2021

tSp5ohfnsmohred  · READ every package! I can’t understand “why” milk, almonds, wheat & soy would be in frozen broccoli 😡 Don’t get me wrong I’m glad this has a warning ⚠️ There went broccoli soup down the drain 😡 My son is pn, tn, egg, & multiple environmental allergies

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