There is a petition demanding stronger laws for food safety with food

allergies. This petition will require 100,000 signatures to be reviewed by

government. The case in question involved an ice cream bar with dairy

that was improperly labelled and caused an allergic reaction. When

contacted, the company said the bar “may contain milk”. Unacceptable and

irresponsible on the part of the company too.

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Marni Backer Deimler  · tJguamtllyS 12hpio adtSlc 8nf:ns3t9 oeosPrlgedM  · Please sign & share!!!My son Liam, who has multiple life threatening food allergies, is gathering signatures to request a new law to help the food allergy community, their safety and quality of life. A law for transparent labeling law on food products. This needs 100,000 signatures in 30 days!!! to get the attention of the government. Please help him get this needed law to be a reality! Thank-you!

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Demand Better Food Laws to help Prevent Injury or Death in the U​.​S.

Marni Deimler started this petition to U.S. House of Representatives and 5 others

U.S. food corporations do not have to say on their product labels if their product might be contaminated with any of the top 9 allergens. It is only optional to have a “may contain, made on shared lines or made in the same facility” label. This, stated or not, is confusing and unsafe to rely on. Clear and honest labeling can be the difference of life or death for the life of a severely food allergic person. This needs to change!

Millions of people are affected by this. Whether the allergic, or those afflicted with other food related conditions. A clear label would not only help quality of life, but protect their safety and maybe life. These people are put in danger due to them being oblivious to what is actually in the food that they are eating. Medicines and beauty products are even worse, with no laws helping, which is another battle to be addressed. We need the laws to help us! Personally, as a 14 year old kid, who has life-threatening food allergies to milk, egg, and peanut, this angers and scares me. My doctors just retested my egg allergy, and I experienced “Anaphylaxis” to just the dust of an egg. Every time I try something new, I have to call the company about it, trust who I am speaking with, with my life; to make sure that I can actually have it. Every time I eat, I have the chance of eating something I am allergic to.

Luckily, my parents and I are so proactive, but reactions can still happen and one did. I had a reaction to a Magnum “Non-Dairy” ice cream bar. I had eaten them for years, and not only was it my favorite but also one of the few ice creams I can have. Benadryl helped, and thankfully I am fine and did not even have to go to the hospital. Upon calling the company afterwards, we found that even though the box says it is non-dairy, it may still contain dairy! The company could not guarantee it was safe for me, with no guarantee that it wasn’t made on a shared lines with a product that had dairy in it. There was also no mention of dairy in the ingredients, yet it may still contain dairy! Ridiculous!

How could something non-dairy, have traces of dairy in it? As we researched more, we found more examples of this confusion, and betrayal. This is only one example of many. We found that this is a big problem with labeling, and it needs to be fixed and now. Well, about 2 weeks later, my mother heard of another boy had reacted the same way to these bars.

It was that moment, me and my mom felt the urgency to solve this problem. We need a new law now. If this law is passed, companies must be clear and truthful in their labels. We need to know exactly what is in these products. This law could save lives and shouldn’t be much to ask and shouldn’t cost anything really.

The law explained in short: Makes it mandatory that all products would have this label along side of the ingredient label. Companies must answer the following questions: (they will fill in the blank with yes or no, and the final question will clearly specify which of the 9 major allergens, if any, are in their product, and if none are in the product, then they must write “none”).

____ It’s made in a dedicated facility.
____ It’s made on dedicated lines.
May Contain: __________________.

Thank you! -Liam Deimler