SmartLabel (TM)

Who does not benefit from the ability to get information on the food that we eat? Be it for diet, sensitivity, allergy or simply taste, it can be a challenge or next to impossible to get that information. What if that allergy is in the form of products that are used to clean, sanitize or for personal care?

A new innovative tool has arrived and can answer those food ingredient questions. It is called SmartLabel(TM) and provides detailed product information on several mediums, including the web, product website, scanning SmartLabel or code on product package, and visiting SmartLabel product search. The tool itself also has a certified app.

SmartLabel is simple and provides instant access to product ingredients. The tools used vary, and include computers, smartphone, telephone and scanning the actual product. The product details can be accessed by SmartLabel on a variety of participating items, including food, beverages, personal care, household and pet care products.
The SmartLabel website is:  After logging in, there is a separate Canada section to get information on SmartLabel products.

The current products participating are Heinz-Kraft, CloverLeaf, Proctor and Gamble, Hidden Valley Ranch and Garnier. The products are common household items and include CHEEZWHIZ, Clover Leaf canned seafood, Garnier shampoo and Bounce fabric softener. Several of the items are shown below:


Garnier Shampoo                             Heinz-Kraft  CHEEZWIZ

SmartLabel began in the United States in 2015.  The onset of product detail launched after consumer requests for complete information for foods, beverages, household, pet and personal care products. In fact, allergies to products do cover that wide spectrum. Companies responded with the reality of limited space available on product packaging for complete information. In fact, allergies to products do cover that wide spectrum. Those with food allergies have an immediate need for product information before ordering in a restaurant or buying from a food store.

The Canadian component was launched in 2017, led by the Food and Consumer Products of Canada (FCPC). The importance of the SmartLabel tool can’t be underestimated and it’s growth should be encouraged by government and the public. The more it is requested, the more likely it will be provided by the product companies.