The following reminder for an EpiPen before leaving is a great idea and will

help to reduce the need to turn back. I’m sure that many can relate to this

and it’s too important to not have at hand always!

 NNMG Food Allergic Families Forum. (Stephanie Kopp March 5/2021

12h  · Just had a local friend in the St. Louis Metro East make this sign for me. As my kids are getting older and now potty trained we don’t use the diaper bag all the time, which was our default storage place for Epi Pens. We had 2 experiences this winter when leaving to see Christmas light drive through shows where we forgot the pens bc we didn’t need the bag and had to turn around and go back for them. This sign will hang by our garage door so we will see it at eye height when we leave. I plan to hang his Epi Pens above it. Exciting news- after fighting insurance, they finally approved us for Auvi-q this year. Any convenient small ways we can easily carry with the frio cooler and keep them with us while running around with three busy toddlers!? Are there better solutions than a large Frio? Thank you!! 3.5 years in and still learning and evolving. 🤪Edited: my friend had 1 of the boards left and made me a sign going from garage to inside the house per the GREAT suggestion made by Michelle King Thomas. Thank you!Decal made by : Designs and Crafts by Jen. She can only ship decal. Doesn’t have anymore stock of the signs. Apply that to the frame from Michaels or frame of choice. Paint or stain to color of desire.