Reading all labels is necessary and now ear drop prescribed by a doctor is

yet one more label, totally unexpected, that has crept up! Doctors and

pharmacists must have comprehensive information sharing to ensure that

this will not happen again. Kudos to the Mom who picked up on this before

it was given to her pn allergy child! NNMG Food Allergic Families (May 2021)

May be an image of text that says 'NDC 68462-185-56 Fluocinolone Acetonide Oil, በ በ1% Important Information 1949 ONE AR -For the ear. May contain refined peanut oil. If allergic to peanut/soy. talk to md or rph s to one eek tents tents'

Geraldine Tornambene1h  · I cant even believe this. I was almost going to give my daughter this who is allergic to pn and thankfully i checked it. Who would of thought ear drops has pn oil in it.646434 CommentsLikeComment34 CommentsTop CommentsActiveWrite a comment…
Carissa BramAlso make sure your childs pharmact has her allergies in their system. They shouldve caught this5Like · 

Reply · 1h1 ReplyMysti GossYikes!! The doctor who prescribed it should have known.5Like · 

Reply · 1hView 2 more repliesMysti GossMichelle Marie it is the providers responsibility to inform the pharmacist of any allergy when they send over the prescription. The pharmacist doesn’t know if the provider or the patient doesn’t inform them.Like · 

Reply · 34mMysti GossGeraldine Tornambene if the pharmacist knew of the allergy then yes, they are also responsible.