So here we are, Moms of the estimated 2% of the Canadian population*, who have a child with a severe allergy.  As a


mom, mother of one of those children with a serious food allergy, (peanuts) I can relate to the fears, frustration, concern and worries that exist.  When our family was faced with this years ago in 1993, there was very little information and help.  Today I am inspired by all the changes and yet hope to be a part of an even larger change.  So I decided to share my info (stay tuned for the upcoming BOOK LAUNCH!) and create exactly what was needed when our family when through this.  Here you will find a lot of valuable information and ideas to provide more control and comfort in the maze of navigating a safe environment for children with serious food allergies.

Allergy Explosion and The Allery Guardian (our blog) is here to provide a space that will provide news, ideas, information-sharing and more for all of us.  As concerned parents, we first and foremost want a safe and educated environment for our children who have serious food allergies.

Where did it all start and why do we have this explosion of severe food allergies in our children born in the last 25 years and continuing its growth in the present day??  There are a lot of possible explanations that we will explore and have been linked to the environment, pesticides, vaccines and growth hormones.

The Allergy Explosion Blog will share stories, challenges, obstacles and solutions in an interactive community that will allow for questions, ideas and strategies for the world of serious food allergy children, their families and beyond.

Be a part of this new Allergy Explosion Blog by signing up and sharing your stories, recipes, findings, tips!  Please fill out the form here so we can send you news/tips/stories and more!  : reply with your name, email, telephone # and the age, gender and serious food allergy of your child(ren).

Please share with anyone you know how has children with serious food allergies to connect them to others going through the same situation.

*Globe and Mail, August 23, 2012