First off,  a Peanut is not part of the Nut Family. Rather, it is part of the Pea Family Peanuts, however, always show up in the Mixed Nuts mixture at the store…. Peanut oil is also used extensively in Baking both for deserts and fried foods..  Peanuts are also used to make one of the most popular Sandwiches for kids. These sandwiches show up in most homes and find their way into the school, the sports centre etc….. Peanut oil also show up in Vaccines for Infants, Children and Adults contain Peanut Oil……. Peanuts, seem to show up Frequently and in so many form in our Everyday Lives!

Peanuts are also one of the Major Severe Food Allergies that have emerged in Ever-Increasing Numbers over the last 25 years!!

We as Moms, of children who have a Peanut Allergy, have our work cut out for us as primary caregivers and protectors! The challenge continues as our children grow up and navigate everyday life with eyes open to safe eating and environment!  The Allergy Guardian Blog will work to Eliminate Fears and Stress by Empowering Moms with information, research and new ideas. Feedback from Moms with ideas, stories and concerns is an important part of the Blog’s power.

Thanks, Candice