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2808, 2020

Amulet , Allergy Food Detector

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What if you could test food for allergens, specifically the major allergens (peanut, egg, seafood, milk)? Amulet may give you the ability to do just that! The device is compact [...]

2209, 2021

Easy Shrimp Pesto

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Here is a delicious dinner that is ready in no time - homemade pesto can be prepared ahead to make it even faster! As needed, shrimp can be replaced with [...]

1909, 2021

Reprogram immune system to end peanut allergy research – Wow!!

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Exciting new research is being conducted with reprogramming the immune system to eliminate peanut allergy! The goal is to reprogram the immune system to achieve tolerance for immune-related reactions. The [...]

1309, 2021

Back To School Game Plan for Children With Allergies

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Thanks to NNMG Allergic Families Forum for sharing this excellent overview of important areas to be considered, discussed and acted upon to ensure the health and safety of children with [...]

1309, 2021

Egg – Free Candy Corn Just in Time for Fall Festivities!

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Thanks to Living with an Egg Allergy for sharing this great information on egg-free candy corn. The treat is also free of the other major allergens including peanuts and tree [...]

1109, 2021

Success With OIT! Eliminating Serious Egg Allergy

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Thanks to Living with an Egg Allergy for sharing the story of OIT and success with ending a serious egg allergy! The outcome was recorded on Sept.9, 2021. Living with [...]

309, 2021

Highly Allergic – Pfizer Covid Vaccine Study Shows Safety!!

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Great news from a study on vaccine safety for the allergy population! The study show effectiveness and safety with the Pfizer Vaccine for the allergy population and including the highly [...]