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Amulet , Allergy Food Detector

What if you could test food for allergens, specifically the major allergens (peanut, egg, seafood, milk)? Amulet may give you the ability to do just that! The device is compact and can fit on a [...]

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Allergy Friendly Brownie in a Mug Recipe!

Super quick recipe for an allergy friendly Brownie in a Mug from Living With An Egg Allergy - Yummy! Sally Melanson Just want to take a moment and share this recipe. It came from someone [...]

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Lone Star Tick and Allergies to Red Meat

Bites from the lone star tick can result in the Alpha-Gal Syndrome. The syndrome results in a food allergy to red mammalian meat (beef, pork, lamb & venison). Reactions range from mild to severe including [...]

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Progress Toward Dispensing of Epinephrine Without a Prescription

Yes to increasing access to EpiPen to protect the allergy population and save lives. This initiative is bolstered by Dillon's Law that will improve access to EpiPen easier. Legislators Consider Allowing the Dispensing of Epinephrine [...]

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Elijah’s Law Saving Lives for Allergy Population

Elijah's Law provides guidelines and protocols designed to protect children in early education programs. With the Elijah's law having passed in a number of states, starting with New York, the law has already helped to [...]

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Donuts – Egg Free and Sprinkled

Any dessert treat that is prepared without the egg allergen is welcomed!! SEPTEMBER 2, 2016 EGG-FREE VANILLA SPRINKLE DONUTS Donuts are one of my most favorite foods!  I think if I had to pick one [...]

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Kraft Peanut Butter Provides Corporate Leadership Goal To Reduce High EpiPen Cost!

The ad is powerful - it shows a jar of peanut butter and the EpiPen($120). The goal of the campaign is to reduce the cost of the EpiPen to the cost of peanut butter that [...]

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