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Amulet , Allergy Food Detector

What if you could test food for allergens, specifically the major allergens (peanut, egg, seafood, milk)? Amulet may give you the ability to do just that! The device is compact and can fit on a [...]

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Feet on the Ground, Grass or Sand – Providing Benefits for All!!

"In every walk in nature one receives far more than he seeks." -John Muir It may be tempting these days to stay inside more often because of the pandemic, but getting outside is still one [...]

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Rosie Knows – Simple & So Effective!!

Thanks to David Bloom and Snack Safely!! Here we have it - the essential safeguards for the allergy population: 2 EpiPens!! / Covid-19 Safety Mask!!

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Tips for Teachers and Staff To Read Food Labels For Food Allergies

Reading Food Labels for food products is a necessary task to ensure safety for meal, snack and dietary needs. The first task is to read the ingredient label. Food allergens clearly labeled are best with [...]

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Fantastic Holiday Allergy- Friendly Foods

Thanks to KIDS WITH FOOD ALLERGIES for the fantastic allergy-friendly foods just in time for the upcoming holidays! The holiday season can be especially difficult for those with food allergies. Eggs, milk, nuts, soy and [...]

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Recurring Anaphylaxis – Biphasic Anaphylaxis

Initial Anaphylaxis and immediate attention is the standard response to a severe allergic reaction. A visit to the hospital then follows where the reaction is stabilized. This is the standard situation. The rare occurrence of [...]

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Cold Air & Anaphylaxis

Anaphylactic reaction is most often related to foods and environmental elements like grass and tree pollens. There is also a reaction, an anaphylactic one that occurs with exposure cold air! The reaction begins with hives [...]

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