Does it ever feel like your family with a severe food allergy is operating solo in the quest for education, standards and safety for your child!
Well, speaking for my family, it certainly has felt that way. It ranged from a lack of understanding or at times respect for the safety
needs and standards required for the severe food allergy sensitive population.
Within the confines of the home, it is much easier to provide a safe place for a child who has a severe food allergy, whether it be to seafood,
peanuts or tree nuts. When a child leaves home there are a range of potential danger zones right from sitting on the school bus into the
classroom and then the lunchroom and gym at school.  Standards are all-important and lapses or the absence of the aforementioned can
lead to a dangerous situation. A child who has an action plan for any such situations will be far better equipped to respond with confidence.
 For the younger child, a simple hand-up or call-out to alert an adult may be all that is needed. The importance of a handi-wipe package is an
essential in the backpack of children in school and in purses and gym bags for older children. If some of the substance has ended up on the
child’s body or hand, then a quick clean on the spot with a handi-wipe cloth can do the job until a trip to a sink with soap to properly clean
up.  An older child can do the initial cleanup with a handi-wipe and then clean up with soap and water themselves and alert someone if
 The sharing of information and learning from one another is a powerful tool to ensure safety and peace of mind for those with allergy
sensitivities and their families. It is clear that standards and education are essential.  Schools, sports/music/dance/art/exercise groups are
all places where knowledge and accompanying standards can ensure clarity and a safe environment for all.
As parents of children with severe food allergies, we can access information, share information and work toward a safe world for
our children.  The Allergy Explosion Blog will provide information and benefit from the sharing of information of other families who
are navigating the allergy sensitive life that they live.
The Allergy Explosion Blog wants to build a group of mothers of children with severe food allergies.
Together we can work to exchange information, identify issues and make changes for a safer environment for our children!
 Strength in numbers will give us a voice to be heard!
 Calling all parents of children with severe allergies!
Join the Severe Allergy Explosion Group – We can work together to make a difference and empower our lives and those of our children with severe food allergies.
Sign up here at the Allergy Explosion Blog & provide the following information in the comments section:
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                             Type of severe allergy
                            Residence:  city / province or state / country
 With a Severe Allergy Group, our members can work together to provide information and work toward change in many areas
 – Education for severe allergies
– Safety for severe allergy population
– Quality of life for severe allergy population
– Funding research into eradication of severe allergies
–  Ways to minimize severe allergic reaction
– Curing / Prevention of severe allergies
– Elimination of severe allergies
 Look forward to your responses.