• What if Disney could educate and show people how to use the EpiPen!
  • The placement of an “EpiPen Use” video beside an EpiPen would have a
  • meaningful impact for those who are not familiar with an EpiPen! It
  • could happen to anyone including those who have allergies!

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Disney should show how to use the auto injector

Daniel Kelly started this petition to The Walt Disney Company

Imagine if a Disney film showed how to use the auto injector?! It would be incredible to see, wouldn’t it? it could educate millions of people of the seriousness of allergies and also how to use the auto injector correctly.

I’ve been overwhelmed with responses on my allergy blog (@_maycontain) since I posted it this lunchtime. The amount of messages and comments I have received saying it is a good idea is amazing! I know this a long shot but I’m hoping if we get enough signatures we could perhaps get the attention of Disney and make them aware of this idea and hopefully get a response. 

When I was growing up, I was the only one in my class with an allergy. There was no one I could look up to or relate to… If Disney showed everyone how to use the auto injector or even championed a character who has an allergy, it would not only educate people about what the auto injector is but it would give children with allergies someone they can look up to, relate with and feel less alone. 

Hopefully by signing the petition we can get the attention of Disney – Perhaps in our lifetime we will watch a Disney film that would champion someone living with an allergy and educate everyone about how to use the auto injector.