Thanks to Living With An Egg Allergy and Sam Smith for sharing this Story

relating to food allergies and some kids’ reluctance to try it even when they

have never tried! I do know that my own three kids refused to eat

certain foods with no explanation when younger.

All to say, is there a ‘sixth sense’ for some kids with allergies that we don’t

yet fully understand……

Sam Smith   · My 3.5 year old. Egg allergy improved, but not enough for a challenge. Maybe next year. Added shellfish to the list, he’s been zero before. Tally now egg, coconut, pineapple, pecans, tree nuts and shellfish. We literally tried to give him shrimp on Saturday 🤦🏻‍♀️, he’s never wanted it when given. Doc said they are seeing some kids just avoid food they are allergic to, even if they don’t know, which was strange. He is only 3 and a more picky eater-thanks to food allergies. The rest is environmental, which is also severe and he will be starting allergy shots in about a month. March 16, 2022

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