The idea of eating a ‘so-called normal’ food and ending up with a ‘not so normal’ emergency reaction has become a reality for many living with food allergies. Is this ‘new normal’ a plain fact we must simply live with? Well, the answer is NO or GOODBYE, if we take control of the situation and plan accordingly!

Everyday living can bring many surprises and unexpected situations. There is no guarantee that life will be predictable. The impact on one’s life can be obvious or not and the “what if’s” can take a toll….

Reactions to food allergies can be examined on a variety of levels including emotional and physical. Societal reactions is a whole other level that includes institutions, government and general public.

Anxiety on a personal level can arise with uncertainty, doubt and fear with many scenarios in play. These situations can range from new environments, no information available on ingredients, and persistent offering of foods. These associated feelings can result in fear, doubt and hesitation.
Resultant behavior can range from arriving late, leaving early or not attending at all! The antidote to such experiences is planning beforehand by seeking adequate information available, regarding the foods provided. A back-up option for food choice can be achieved with bringing your own safe snack/food, to remedy any doubts.

Anxiety on a physical level an best be described with a definition of the word anxiety itself: Anxiety is a personal feeling of fear, doubt and hesitation. These feelings can result in stomach upset, headache, panic attack and hives.

More education and increased government regulations on the labeling of foods and related ingredients. These needed actions will result in increased safety and confidence for those individuals with food allergies. Personal confidence with food choices for those with food allergies, their families, friends and service providers is a big one, greatly reducing any anxiety for all involved!

To sum up, here are 5 antidotes for successful living with food allergies. Above all else, control must be taken and plan accordingly, to say goodbye to anxieties.

Here are the 5 antidotes:
1. Plan head for your activities.
2. Get information prior to, if possible. Otherwise, get the information upon arrival.
3. Identify contact person and provide your allergy information
4. Find out if food will be offered, along with any ingredient information. Also, ask if there is a recipe or container with ingredient information to see.
5. Have your own safe snacks/food available.