Think Valentine’s Day –  think chocolate! However, for the allergy population, there are additional thoughts and concerns about food safety. The allergy sensitive population needs to know that the treats for Valentine’s Day will be peanut free, egg free, milk free, etc., as needed.   These tasty treats can be enjoyed at home or brought to other events to ensure that allergy concerns are zapped!

Apart from store-bought items that may be allergy-free, home creations with allergy-free ingredients can provide safe, worry-free and delicious treats to enjoy! Here are Two Fantastic Valentine Treats to Enjoy!

Get your kids to help make these for added fun!

Valentine Rice Crispy Treats for Loved One with Allergies

Valentine Treats those with Allergies

1) Heart Shaped Chocolates

Melt peanut free chocolate chips (either in microwave or on stove-top)

Pour melted chocolate into greased heart-shaped forms and let cool

Loosen edges and remove chocolate hearts from dish.

2) Heart Shaped Rice Krispies Treats

Make a basic Rice Krispie Snack recipe:

Melt 1/4 cup butter and one 255g package of marshmallows

Stir Rice Krispies into a melted marshmallows mixture

When still warm – make heat shaped forms.

Or you can even take a workshop and learn how to make Cake Pops.  Locally we have the talented Miriam Pearl of who offers recipes, tips and even workshops.  There is one TOMORROW!  Find our more here  or call 514-652-0230.  The workshop is in the West Island address to be confirmed after you sign up.