What a great initiative from a school that initiates feedback from parents of

kid with food allergies! In addition, school staff gets food ingredient

information from local restaurants and reads labels. All schools should be

doing this to be better prepared for the safety of all students.

Thanks to Living With an Egg Allergy (Jessica Lynn) for sharing this

important news.

Living with an Egg Allergy

Jessica Lynn  ·   · I work at a school and our admin are so accomodating to food allergies. Our secretary calls restaurants about ingredients and reads labels. It is so refreshing to actually be included. I wish more workplaces were like this for allergy sufferers 🥰

May be an image of text that says 'As the school year approaches and we start planning staff meals, it's important for us to know if you have any dietary restrictions. Please respond to this email with any restrictions if applicable. We are all looking forward to see you.'

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