Her anaphylactic reaction to food was handled “textbook perfect”. The story

unfolded with an EpiPen and direct attendance at the hospital. The outcome

was successful and Delly wanted her story to be told right down to her

attendance at the hospital, stabilization and release.


 Our best wishes to Delly for a speedy and complete recovery and kudos to her mom for quickly administering her auto-injector! Epinephrine first!

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Team Delly
  · 12 years. We made it 12 years without an anaphylactic reaction or having to administer epinephrine. Last night, 30 minutes after eating a dinner I have made dozens of times with the same ingredients, Delly’s throat started to swell shut. I messaged a friend whose is a nurse to get a 2nd opinion (this was about 30 seconds) and then administered her Auvi-Q epinephrine in her thigh. We then rushed to the ER. They confirmed she had an anaphylactic reaction, and administered two doses of Benadryl and steroids. It was a long night and Delly is wiped out. I am thankful that we had the epinephrine on hand – so many are unable to afford this medication. Thankful that I have friends who provided an immediate response. Thankful that my child was so courageous and let me administer the epinephrine right away. Thankful for the quick medical care that she received. One thing different and we could of had a very different outcome last night. Food Allergies are not a joke. Make sure you always carry your epinephrine and you have someone with you who knows how to administer it.Kara (Delly’s Mom)💙*Delly asked me to take this picture and post it. She wants her experience to be a reminder to always carry your epi and use it right away.

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