The following post highlights the latest work underway and the exciting possibilities with safe and effective desensitization procedures for peanut allergies.

Intrommune’s Food Allergy Toothpaste Therapy to Advance to Clinical Trials

By Dave -2020/01/14

As we’ve covered previously, Intrommune Therapeutics — a New York-based biotechnology company — is developing a family of therapies for food allergy based on their functional toothpaste platform.

The treatment employs oral mucosal immunotherapy (OMIT), where tiny quantities of an allergen are introduced via the mouth desensitizing the immune system from reactions over time with normal brushing. A therapy for peanut allergy will be the first treatment the company plans to introduce.

Yesterday, Intrommune’s CEO Michael Nelson presented at the Biotech Showcase 2020 investor’s conference and sat for an interview with Christine Corrado of Proactive Investors.Click to visit sponsor 

During the interview, Nelson disclosed that Intrommune had a successful pre-IND meeting with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and that phase 1B trials of the peanut therapy will take place this year with phase 2 trials following next year. An IND (Investigational New Drug) application is an early step toward FDA approval of a new drug.

See Nelson’s interview with Proactive here:

For more on Intrommune’s toothpaste therapy, see their video here:

Source: Intrommune Therapeutics moving its peanut allergy treatment through the FDA approval process — Proactive Investors