Paula Kress (NNMG Food Allergic Families Forum Feb/2021) has written a beautiful ode to food allergy Moms. It is so true and I could relate to all of the below tasks, thoughts and love. Thanks and Happy Mother’s Day to all the Food Allergy Moms!

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Nicole N Paul Kress


I educate

I advocate

I read lables

I re-read labels

I bake

I cook

I make late night store runs for safe treats

I travel with my kitchen

I stockpile safe foods

I carry epinephrine everywhere we go

I try to stay positive

I create awareness

I worry

I get creative and make it work

I rely on my support network

I am amazed at how strong my child is…


As Mother’s Day quickly approaches we want to focus on all of those amazing food allergy moms out there!

A great reminder from a few Mother’s Day ago