For someone with food allergies, staying away from the food allergens is quite simple, simply avoid it! However, this scenario can be complicated by exposure to a food allergen through a kiss. The food allergy population has successfully avoided the foods that will cause an allergic reaction. This practice works is controlled very nicely when exposure to these allergens

The teenage kiss can raise a new level of unintended exposure to allergens. Exposure to any allergen food residue can cause an allergic reaction and is a concern. These Leave that potential danger to a creative and ingenious teenager with food allergies, to come up with an effective and simple solution. User friendly and highly mobile features are also included in this no nonsense package that is quick and compact.

Announcing the `Kiss-Me-Kit“, brought to you by Sydney Silverman!

Syndney is a thirteen year old with food allergies. She presented her idea at the FARE Teen Summit last year, 2016. (Allergy Living 2/7/17).

Sydney`s kit has these 4 items: toothbrush; toothpaste; dental floss; mouth wash; and an allergy information card.

The kit idea is so simple and so effective to clear away any food allergens that may pose a danger to the food allergy population. This kit can be put together easily with items available in the travel size hygiene accessories section of most drugstores and discount stores for under $10. This innovative solution eradicates any lingering concern about kissing and potential allergic reaction!