“In every walk in nature one receives far more than he seeks.”

-John Muir

It may be tempting these days to stay inside more often because of the pandemic, but getting outside is still one of the healthiest things you can do.

Besides the fact that it’s far more difficult to catch the virus outdoors than in enclosed spaces, fresh air is deep, nourishing medicine for the body and brain. Even just 15 to 30 minutes a day can make a huge difference in how you feel.

I love to take my time outdoors one step further and go on barefoot nature walks with my kids.

Walking barefoot on soft ground feels incredible on the toes, and did you know that there is a proven electrical exchange that occurs in your body when you go shoeless?

I’m not kidding. Just like the sun gives us energy and creates Vitamin D in our bodies, the earth beneath our feet is rich with electrons that help to “ground” us when we make contact. Go barefoot, and you absorb those beneficial electrons like a sponge!

Check out this snapshot of me with my two boys walking barefoot through the woods last week!

Like many things on this path, you need to experience them for yourself, to fully understand their benefits. Try walking barefoot on a soft lawn or in a park for just fifteen minutes. Or just sit out on the lawn with bare feet!

Breathe deep, and see how you feel afterward.

I bet you’ll notice something.

Stay curious,

Nick Polizzi
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