There are some useful and weather-sensitive sources of information for the allergy population. They can be used, as needed, when food, weather, pollen levels, the latest advisory decisions need to be made yesterday! Here are some of the “there’s an allergy app for that” saviors, ready to take on what life has to offer!

There are dozens of apps available covering many facets of life with allergies. Here are 5 of the top apps that will make it a lot easier to take on the world in allergy friendly style! These apps also have high ratings from users and are cheap or free!


– Helps to decipher food label ingredients list for use at the grocery store to scan bar codes and reveal the full ingredient list/nutrition panel.

– Enter preference listings on you “stay away” list or other allergy triggers.

– Use the app to get and give ratings for different products.

Allergy Eats App

– Provides information on allergy friendly restaurants.

– Allergy Eats, started in 2010, has ratings from over 850,000 restaurants in the United States.

– To get information on a restaurant, use of the app will provide comments, ratings and recommendations from other users with food allergies.

Yummly App

– The app offers a way to find tasty recipes, while avoiding food allergies.

– Yummly is a recipe app used to filter out your food allergies, including dietary restrictions.

– The user will just list the allergens. The app will then provide a series of recipes that you like and can eat safely.

– The app can then provide new recipes for you to try out. – You can also save your favorite recipes and make your shopping lists.

Substitutions App

– With food allergies, many recipes may seem to be ‘off limits’.

– Substitutions app can change all of that by switching forbidden ingredients, like peanuts, shellfish and eggs, with alternative ones that are safe.

– There is also choice of items, including egg and gluten, with numerous choices for your favorite recipes.

WebMD Allergy App

– The app will provide a breakdown of the allergies that are in the air on any given day.

– Features a map that will show allergy severity, county by county, and is easy to use.

– What it provides at the moment, it lacks in future forecasting.

– Explanations and literature are informative with a medical database of explanations for symptoms and diseases. The user, when scrolling through the app will get links for many allergy-related articles and entries.

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