Free Reign Bakery & Cafe is amazing with it’s allergy friendly offerings,

free of the top 8 allergens!! Located in Knoxville, TN there are 3 locations

and a lot of very happy kids with food allergies and their parents!! More of

these allergy friendly Bakery & Cafe offering are needed everywhere! What

a treat and safe allergy friendly experience for all to enjoy.

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Free Reign Bakery & Cafe

  · ✨Tiramisu✨ free from the Big 8 Allergies and PACKED with flavor! Handcrafted at every layer, from our chocolate espresso syrup to the mascarpone!. Grab some of our Tiramisu, Carrot Cake Bars, “Cheese”cake, Cookie Cake Iced Brownie Bars & TONS of other options! We also have Breakfast & Lunch/Dinner!.We have 3 Convenient locations in Knoxville,TN.