Imagine your child playing with a friend’s new pet and having a wonderful time. Having a pet in a household is a common and fun addition! People with allergies to fur bearing animals can have problems with those interactions. These individuals can face reactions ranging from a stuffed nose to breathing problems. If you should find yourself living in a home that has fur bearing critters and this includes dogs and cats, you may need to allergy proof your environment.

There are seven simple tips that can allow for exposure to pets and eliminate allergic reactions.
WebMD and Allergy Canada, along with a dose of our families first-hand experiences, have provided 7 simple ways to keep allergic reactions to a minimum. These measures will not provide a solution for all, and severe allergic reactions will require a visit to the doctor before interacting with a pet.

1. Hypo allergenic dogs do not shed, thereby reducing dander in the air. Our family fares well
with these dogs and do not get a major reaction,save,a minimal stuffed nose after 4-6 hours.
2. Pets who are washed once a week will result in less allergens in the home.
3. Pets should have their own separate sleeping area, outside of the bedroom,thereby reducing
allergens in the sleeping area.
4. Air purifiers will help to keep the air cleaner in the home and remove allergens.
5. Playtime with your fur-bearing pet should occur outdoors and can be done when the dog is
taken for a daily walk.
6. Cleaning in the house is important to ensure that any of the pet allergens are kept to a
7. Regular grooming of the pet will also allow for fewer allergens in the home.

The above seven measures should provide for healthy, allergy reduced living with a pet. Concerns with reactions should be shared with a doctor for any further actions needed.