The WHY of Food Allergies has a very real and personal component to it in the midst of the scientific definition of the sudden & extreme reaction of the food allergy:

The WHY as a parent and protector is shock, disbelief and needing an answer. As parents, we introduce foods to our children slowly and in consultation with health care providers. The appearance of an extreme reaction to a food by a child is shocking and brings more questions than answers . The initial reaction of shock is quickly replaced by assisting your child and making them as comfortable as possible and getting immediate help if needed during the allergic reaction.

As a parent, my experience was just that and through the serious event was a resolve and determination to make my child’s initial experience the last one she would ever have to endure!! My toddler was with a babysitter after I had just returned to work. The babysitter and I had discussed appropriate foods for a toddler and when she suggested peanut butter, it seemed to be just fine……

The WHY of Food Allergies also has a response that is factual and can best be described in medical terms: Those who suffer from food allergies have an extreme or “abnormal” response to eating a food when compared to the non-reactive or “normal” response of those without a food allergy. The initial and less common reaction to eating foods is a reactive allergic response. The medical explanation for the “over reaction” to eating a particular food is the body is having an immune system reaction to that food. This extreme reaction produces histamines that are the body’s allergic reaction to that food. The symptoms of the allergic reaction can occur immediately after or hours later.*
In the case of my child, her extreme reaction began to diminish with in an hour. After several hours all was back to normal (my child was probably more relaxed than me at that point) A call to the pediatrician and an appointment had already been setup.
Food Allergy Symptoms may include:
  • skin rash
  • swelling of eyes, face
  • swelling of tongue or throat
  • swelling of body
  • hives
  • stomach ache
  • vomiting, diarrhea
  • breathing problems
  • In severe cases, the allergic reaction may result in a drop in blood pressure, loss of consciousness or death.
 We referred to *Medicine (January 2015) for this post