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2808, 2020

Amulet , Allergy Food Detector

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What if you could test food for allergens, specifically the major allergens (peanut, egg, seafood, milk)? Amulet may give you the ability to do just that! The device is compact [...]

1601, 2022

Progress Toward Dispensing of Epinephrine Without a Prescription

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Yes to increasing access to EpiPen to protect the allergy population and save lives. This initiative is bolstered by Dillon's Law that will improve access to EpiPen easier. Legislators Consider [...]

2912, 2021

Elijah’s Law Saving Lives for Allergy Population

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Elijah's Law provides guidelines and protocols designed to protect children in early education programs. With the Elijah's law having passed in a number of states, starting with New York, the [...]

1012, 2021

Donuts – Egg Free and Sprinkled

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Any dessert treat that is prepared without the egg allergen is welcomed!! SEPTEMBER 2, 2016 EGG-FREE VANILLA SPRINKLE DONUTS Donuts are one of my most favorite foods!  I think if [...]

1012, 2021

Kraft Peanut Butter Provides Corporate Leadership Goal To Reduce High EpiPen Cost!

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The ad is powerful - it shows a jar of peanut butter and the EpiPen($120). The goal of the campaign is to reduce the cost of the EpiPen to the [...]

212, 2021

Allergy-Friendly Holiday Products Guide 2021

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Informative guide to help navigate the holiday offerings allergy friendly wise. The guide is broken down into a number of the major allergy groups. The groups range from peanut/nut free [...]

112, 2021

Allergies and Mental Health Challenges – Assistance Options

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Food allergies and mental health challenges create a challenge to ensure food safety. There are ways to take care of situations especially when a parent or caregiver is not present. [...]