Holiday Food for Allergy Sensitive People

/Holiday Food for Allergy Sensitive People


  UPCOMING PROGRAMS OFFERED MAY THROUGH OCTOBER 2017 Many families live with food allergies. It can be challenging and sometimes frustrating to navigate everyday living. There are also numerous obstacles and oftentimes an apathy and/or lack of understanding from others. The Upcoming Program for the world of food allergies will be chock full of information, [...]

Allergy Free Treats – Easter Treat Hunt in Montreal!

              Each year there are a number of holidays that have treats as a major part of the celebrations. While Halloween and Christmas are huge. Easter festivities that come in the spring are not far behind! Parents of children with severe food allergies have an added caution to those [...]

Two Fantastic Valentine Treat Recipes for the Allergy Sensitive Population

Think Valentine's Day -  think chocolate! However, for the allergy population, there are additional thoughts and concerns about food safety. The allergy sensitive population needs to know that the treats for Valentine's Day will be peanut free, egg free, milk free, etc., as needed.   These tasty treats can be enjoyed at home or brought to other events [...]