Welcome to The Allergy Explosion!

I’m Candice, a.k.a. The Allergy Guardian.

I moved here from Winnipeg fourteen years ago with my family, which includes my three children and husband.

Life in Quebec, specifically the West Island, began when the children were young with only one of them in school.  While two of my children have food sensitivities, one has a serious food allergy to peanuts as well.

Apart from being a busy mother, I have been involved with part- time volunteer work with Home & School, Newcomers Club and sales consultant/marketing jobs. I also created a program of information-gathering for  new residents to Montreal and the West Island to help with everything from information and housing to schools and services. This work tapped into my research skills from my “previous life” working as a research analyst  with the Manitoba Government for over 12 years.

Fast forward to the end of 2014 and my inspiration to write a book, specifically on severe food allergies. Over the years my child’s allergy to peanuts has resulted in my research and gathering of necessary information to keep it safe.   The sharing of information is also a valuable tool for navigating the world of severe food allergies.

The Allergy Explosion Blog will allow for that:  providing and sharing of information to keep those with severe food allergies safe.  Education is also critical and that extends to others in the education, sports, medical and social services areas.  My upcoming book Allergy Explosion will address these areas.

The 8 Main Food Allergens