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Vegan Blondie Brownies

Couldn't resist checking out this vegan brownie recipe. It did not disappoint and is also allergy friendly! Thanks to Food Free from ALL Top 8 Allergens & MORE for sharing this great recipe. Nicole Brown  ·   · Top 8 Free—Blondie Brownies I could eat the whole batch in one sitting! These blondie brownies are everything I desire when [...]

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Easy “Free from top 8 Allergens” Quiche

This recipe looks so good and best of all it is free from all top 8 allergens. Recipe below is from "Food Free from ALL Top 8 Allergens + MORE", Nicole B. Food Free from ALL Top 8 Allergens + MORE NicoleBrwn    ·  When I tried to recreate Costcos mini quiches, I was thrilled to see [...]

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Wonderful Story of Averting Anaphylactic Episode With 2 Doses of EpiPen!!

The need of having more than one EpiPen available for treating Anaphylaxis was clear when a second EpiPen dose recently saved a woman's life! The woman had one EpiPen that she used at the restaurant. The first dose did not work and so a rush to the pharmacy across the road occurred. Success happened when [...]

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Tragedy Strikes for Teen With Severe Food Allergies Eating Hamburger at McDonalds in Germany

A school trip that involved hamburger swapping as part of team building for a group of students turned tragic for a student. The student with severe food allergies suffered anaphylaxis and succumbed to his reaction after having taken the epipen and having medical attention. It is not known if a second epipen was administered and [...]

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Microneedle Patch Treatment for Peanut Allergies Set for Clinical Trials

Encouraging news with Microneedle Patch treatment for peanut allergies given approval for clinical trials. The trial will use the treatment MOON101 for children and adults. Thanks to Snack Safely for sharing this new development for the allergy population. Microneedle Patch to Treat Peanut Allergy Receives Clinical Trial Grant ByNews Wire ~ 3rd Party Press Release [...]

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