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Success in Research at University of Indiana With Inhibitor Used on Model Animal to Block Anaphylaxis With Peanut Allergy

Exciting news from researchers at Indiana University School of Medicine for the peanut allergy population. They had success blocking anaphylactic reaction to peanut allergy in an animal model. Thank to NNMG Food Allergic Families Forum for sharing this amazing study. INDIANA UNIVERSITYSCHOOL OF MEDICINEGlobal NavigationToggle Search BoxNewsroom Researchers discover potential way to prevent life-threatening allergic [...]

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Hair Dryer Ring May Contain Almond Oil – Found in Remington Hair Dryer Ring!

Who knew that an air dryer ring would contain almond oil! Important food allergy information to share with the almond oil found on the ring of the Remington hair dryer and could show up at the local hair salon. NNMG Food Allergic Families Forum Delaney R. Olmo  ·   · You learn something new everyday. Some hair dryers can [...]

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New Attach EpiPen to Back of Phone Device!!

Fantastic idea to have EpiPen at hand with new attachment device for EpiPen (Auvi q) Thanks to NNMG Food Families Allergic Forum for sharing this! Laura EdwardsNNMG Food Allergic Families Forum 21m  · I keep telling myself I need to share how my 12 yo son manages his Auvi q. We have been through so many different [...]

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Nuts and Peanuts Found in 6 Surprising Places

Nuts and peanuts may be found in unexpected places ranging from sauces to foods. Health Magazine identifies the six places in the article below. HEALTH CONDITIONS A-ZALLERGIES 6 Surprising Places Nuts Are Hiding Chili, cocktails, and other surprising foods to watch out for if you are allergic to peanuts or tree nuts By Lisa Lombardi  Updated on January [...]

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Power of Polymers to Prevent Anaphylactic Reaction in Mice to Peanuts

Exciting news with the discovery of polymers in halting anaphylactic reactions to peanuts in mice. Thanks to Snack Safely for sharing this article. Emerging TherapyNews Coverage Polymers Help Protect Mice from Anaphylactic Reaction to Peanuts, UChicago Research Finds ByNews Wire ~ 3rd Party Press Release -2023/02/10 135 Micelle technology is potential platform for treating other allergies, [...]

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Researchers Prevent Peanut Allergic Reactions in Mice by Ending Reaction!

Rearchers successfully prevent peanut allergic reactions in mice, blocking onset in its tracks  February 08, 2023  Karla Cruise ND Experts Basar Bilgicer Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering An allergen-specific inhibitor devised by researchers at the University of Notre Dame and the Indiana University School of Medicine has successfully prevented potentially life-threatening allergic responses to peanuts. The [...]

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Chapmans Ice Cream Introduces Allergy Friendly Line in March 2023

Great news that Chapman's is in introducing a new allergy friendly ice cream line in March 2023. The new ice cream will be free of peanut, tree nuts and egg! NNMG Food Allergic Families of Ontario, Canada Sophie Cunha  · 3h  · Super excited for this. Just got this email from Chapman's Chapman’s Releases Super Premium Plus Markdale, ON [...]

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